In our previous blog, we offered some guidelines to follow when purchasing a treadmill. Now, let’s talk about what to do to keep a new treadmill in tip top condition.


The most basic task you should perform with your treadmill is to keep it as clean as possible. Wipe down the handles and centre console before and after each use, especially if you share the machine with others. Also, be sure to vacuum the floor underneath the treadmill once a week. If your treadmill has a fixed track or does not fold away, do your best to move the treadmill out of the way and put it back into position when finished.

Wear and tear

A well constructed running track and its parts (like the belts and deck) should be able to withstand lengthy or heavy use. Over time, these parts will become run down. Since these parts face the most pressure, coming into contact with your feet, take heed if you notice an odd sound or sensation (e.g. if the running track is crooked or is rubbing off the sides). Contact your manufacturer if a problem with your track occurs within warranty if you cannot attend to the problem yourself. Otherwise, monitoring the track weekly should be sufficient.

Treadmills to Buy

Every month, it is a wise idea to tighten the bolts around the treadmill with a hand tool. Follow the guidelines in the user manual to find out how tight the bolts should be. The requirements for bolts on the console may vary compared to the belt, for example.


The treadmill motor normally only needs a check-up once annually, but it deserves your absolute attention. A neglected motor could break down and cause a major repair or replacement job. Do purchase a specialist container of treadmill lubricant, which can be applied to avoid excessive friction. If the areas around the motor have become dusty or dirty, plug out the treadmill and use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. Be careful not to make contact with the delicate wiring, though!

Obeying these ground rules will increase your satisfaction of treadmill ownership, and should add years to the shelf life of your machine. The staff at Network Fitness are just a call or an e-mail away on the chance you want to ask us a question.

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