Jordan Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Narrow Bar


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Jordan Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Narrow Bar

Perfect with the Life Fitness G5 or any cable machine, this narrow parallel grip lat pulldown bar will help you focus on improving your Latissimus Dorsi muscle group and engaging your Biceps Brachii muscles. With an attachment hook that will work with almost any cable system, the bar features a rubber gripped D-Handle for excellent grip. it also comes with a years warranty for piece of mind.

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In stock


Jordan Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Narrow Bar

The Jordan Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown Narrow Bar is ideal if you own a cable machine – whether it’s a dual pulley system or a multigym. This particular attachment is a narrow grip bar that features a comfortable rubber grip. It’s well made and will last a lifetime if you treat it well!

With the shorter/narrow D ring grips, you will also get to work more of your biceps as well as your lats. This attachment accommodates any cable machine and can help you enjoy a range of exercises for your back and upper back as well as those Latissimus Dorsi Muscles.


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