Jordan Single Tricep Rope


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Jordan Single Tricep Rope

Being able to isolate your tricep or bicep muscles can help ensure you work them out properly. A classic for most strength gyms, the single tricep rope is most commonly used to perform a tricep pushdown. If performed correctly this helps to isolate your tricep muscle and focus all the muscle work on those muscles alone.

The Jordan Single Tricep Rope rope attachment is built to last and is, thankfully, of a simple construction. With a black rope and silver connecting hoop to attach to the cable machine, you also have a large end cap that can help prevent your hand from slipping down the rope as a beginner (or when you’re really sweaty). Using dual adjustable pulley cable attachments is essential if you’re serious about your workouts as it does help ensure you focus on those muscles.

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In stock


Jordan Single Tricep Rope

If you like to work out with a dual adjustable machine or multigym, then the Jordan Single Tricep Rope is just one of the strength attachments that you can consider to help with isolating your triceps, biceps or even help with your lower back if you’re more advanced. Each single tricep rope comes as a black rope with a silver connecting hoop at the end. The Single Tricep Rope rope attachment is built to last and is, thankfully, of a simple construction.

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