Water Rower M1 HiRise Commercial Rowing Machine


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Water Rower M1 HiRise Commercial Rowing Machine

  • Resistance Levels Self Regulating (Water)
  • Resistance Type Water
  • Programmes N/A
  • Max User Weight 180kg or 28 Stone 3lbs
  • Console Display S4 with PC interface capability
  • Heart Rate Measurement Optional Extra compatible with Polar
  • Folds Away No But Stores Vertically
  • Display Feedback Time, Distance, Resistance Level, Calories, Speed, Stroke, Watts, Torque, Strokes per Minute
  • Recommended Use Commercial
  • Other Features Dual Rail, Fabricated Steel
  • Home Warranty  5 years frame, 3 years parts & 1 year Labour
  • Commercial Warranty 5 Years frame, 3 years parts & 1 year labour
  • Product Weight 83kg
  • Dimensions Open  (L x W x H)
  • Folded Dimensions (D x W x H)

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In stock


Water Rower M1 HiRise Commercial Rowing Machine

You can take your rowing experience to the next level with top-quality Water Rower M1 HiRise Commercial Rowing Machine.

Using the same principles that govern the dynamics of a boat in water, the Water Rower M1 HiRise is outfitted with a water flywheel that consists of two paddles in an enclosed tank of water that provide smooth, quiet resistance, just like the paddles in an actual body of water. As a result, the machine has no moving parts that can wear out over time (even the recoil belt and pulleys don’t require lubricating or maintaining).

More significantly, the water tank and flywheel create a self-regulating resistance system that eliminates the need for a motor. As with real rowing, when you paddle faster, the increased drag provides more resistance. When you paddle slower, the resistance is less intense. The only limit to how fast you can row is your strength and your ability to overcome drag.

From a fitness perspective, the Water Rower M1 HiRise works 84 percent of your muscle mass, helping tone and strengthen your muscles while burning far more calories than most other aerobic machines. The exercise is also low impact, as it removes all the body weight from the ankles, knees, and hips, but still moves the limbs and joints through a full range of motion–from completely extended to completely contracted.

The Water Rower M1 HiRise is outfitted with a Series 4 performance monitor that’s designed to balance technical sophistication with user-friendliness. The monitor–which includes six information and programming windows, six QuickSelection buttons, and three navigation buttons – displays your workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, zone bar, duration, and distance. Plus, the monitor is compatible with an optional heart rate chest strap and receiver, which helps you optimize your workout and achieve your exercise objectives.

The Water Rower M1 HiRise is made from a durable, coated tubular steel designed to fit the look of commercial fitness equipment. The finish is not only attractive, but also rust-resistant and easy to clean. While other rowing machines require cleaning, oiling, vacuuming, and part checks, the Water Rower’s intelligent design and quality components – smooth nylon strapping instead of chains, a pulley-free bungee cord, and an enclosed tank that prevents dust buildup – will save you valuable time and money. And thanks to the machine’s extra-tall seat, which elevates the user to a seated position 20 inches above the floor, everyone from rehabbing athletes to hospital patients to elderly users can access the Water Rower M1 HiRise without too much difficulty.


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Weight 70 kg


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