The Department of Education have been open to applications from schools for gym funding since 2002. Here at Network Fitness, we have supplied schools across the country with fitness equipment for their students, thanks in part to this scheme.  We have supplied over 60 schools including Arklow Community Colaiste, Deele College and Middleton CBS.

We are very passionate about childhood exercise and fitness, and instilling a positive attitude towards all forms of healthy play is paramount to this. We fully believe in helping schools to maximise their ability to coach sports teams and provide physical education (PE) for children. From our experience, these are the greatest benefits of supplying a gym to a school.


Schools have the benefit of having children under one roof, so they can take a lead in countering childhood obesity and giving the best PE classes possible. Students with a nous for sports will naturally want to use fitness equipment, but other children may feel sceptical or intimidated by gym workouts. Effective teaching can promote these students to participate in the gym too. If they have a group of friends, they can be grouped together for added satisfaction. The more students who enjoy exercise, the more who will retain the good habits in the home environment.


Outdoor play and homework are hardly friendly bedfellows, but scientific studies show that children who exercise the most will perform better in their studies than less active children. As well as increasing memory and cognitive abilities, regular exercise will help with consistent sleeping patterns, self-esteem and good discipline. Having access to a gym facility on school grounds can make this possible for more kids. Also, a PE teacher who can earn the respect and trust of their students can provide a unique contribution towards their pride of place and willingness to participate in school.

Illness Reduction

Helping your children attend classes as many days as possible in the academic calendar is crucial, and regular exercise is a fantastic way to reduce flus and bugs. Our immune systems strengthen when we engage with fitness related activities, and it is no different for children. Children with a balanced lifestyle can also significantly reduce the chances of suffering from major, debilitating diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Gym equipment with heart monitors and distance counters installed can give children some tangible facts and figures to help them improve their cardio, for example.

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