To some, making time to exercise while on the job is a pipe dream or a low priority. Not only is it feasible, but the advantages of investing in gym equipment to use at work are significant.

If you believe your work premises has a suitable area to host a company gym, the work environment can improve in several ways. Here are just a few examples.


If some or most of the company employees sit at an office desk, they are prone to repetitive stress injuries and other problems related to inactivity. As the days go by, failing to break this routine, the aches and pains will get steadily worse. Having an area to work out nearby, with a regime to follow, is certain to improve workers’ health and fitness. Also, staff who may wish to cut back on treats at lunchtime will respond in kind if they have the right facilities down the corridor. Alliances and understanding will also increase when groups motivate and participate with one another. Finally, being fitter increases energy levels, both physically and mentally, which ought to increase productivity.


Adding deluxe exercise machines for use in-house sounds like a hefty investment with little hope of returns. However, a company gym can make up for the outlay in the long-term. Machines with robust warranties will protect you in case something goes wrong. Similarly, equipment like a gym bench or a cross trainer don’t tend to become obsolete overnight. Perhaps of most interest to a company is that regular exercise can boost the immune system. If the workforce takes time to work out, the less likely they are going to be struck by illness – reducing the spend on sick pay.


Employers who are looking to hire the ideal candidate for a job will want to appear as lucrative as possible to them. If your company has its own gym and your competitors do not, that could be a deal clincher for top applicants to apply for you instead. If they are interested in exercise as part of a daily plan, they will be grateful for the available perks and be more loyal to you. As mentioned earlier, working out is a social activity, which can also be useful for new recruits to break the ice with their colleagues.

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