The opportunity to own a treadmill for the home is a proposition too good to turn down for some individuals or families.

However, a treadmill is a serious piece of technology and you can expect to pay a hefty fee to have one of your own. If you have fitness targets in mind and the desire to follow them, we can find the most suitable treadmill for your usage needs at the right price. In order to create a tailored shortlist of treadmills, you will need to do your research.


As mentioned earlier, the prospective buyer of a treadmill will need their own fitness targets and goals. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one and expand it as you go. Let’s make an assumption that your budget is €1,200-€1,800. Find out what brands offer a product within that price range, and have a look at any brochures and possibly some of the customer feedback provided. It is of great benefit to find and try your top three preferred treadmill models before purchase if possible (read more below).

When you begin to understand the basics of treadmill ownership, then you can begin comparing the key components of your preferred treadmills. The motor, the dimensions of the machine, the running belt size, the maximum user weight and control panel are among the core elements of a treadmill. Do expect a certain minimum standard for your money – it’s no good if your number one choice treadmill is outclassed by a cheaper alternative!


The treadmill, when operated correctly, should be relatively safe to exercise with. However, a treadmill does not power down automatically if there is nobody on it. The dangers of falling and being thrown off the running belt are well publicised. Find out if your treadmill has built-in safety features like secure access, a kill switch and an automatic low speed on startup. Young children and family pets can also be in harm’s way if they get too close to the machine. It is advisable to put your treadmill in a spacious but secluded area or room that will keep unexpected visitors away during exercise.

Test run

When you have an adequate shortlist of products, now it is time to see if any retailers or fitness clubs have an example to try out. If you do track down one of your selections and have access to it, take a moment to observe the machine before setting it in motion. Dedicate at least ten minutes to exercising on the machine, and pay attention to any observations you make. Is the motor or belt too noisy? Is the treadmill stable at speed and at an incline? Do you understand the functions of the centre console? Repeat the process until you have selected a favourite (double check what the warranty is too!).

Making an informed decision gives you the best chance of a satisfactory treadmill purchase for you and/or your family. By following these tips, we can match you up with the perfect product!


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